PUBG Mobile Began Rolling Out Banned Cheaters

PUBG Corporation has just held a massive two-day banned session for the PUBG Mobile game. As a result, around 2,400 cheaters on the first day were followed by 2700 the following day the PUBG security system was netted and given a 10-year ban.

PUBG Corp even published the names of the cheaters as part of the evidence of their seriousness to create a fair and comfortable playing environment for all players. In addition, this action looks like a scam for the community to help maintain PUBG Mobile, reducing cheating that can damage the game’s development.

Those who are sentenced to 10 years on average commit the same fraud namely the use of illegal programs, damaging game patterns such as eliminating weapon recoil, auto aiming, damage modification, to opening the PUBG Mobile application through programs that are not permitted.

As a game adapted from the PC version, PUBG Mobile comes as an alternative for those who want to play PUBG but don’t have adequate PC devices. Unfortunately, just like every popular game, PUBG Mobile is not spared from cheater targets, offering ‘dark lines’ to players who want to win easily.

PUBG Corp’s move to publish IDs, names, servers, and other information from cheaters seems to be a form of ’embarrassing’ them because it has ruined the experience of playing other players. In addition, this can also make others think again to follow in the footsteps of the cheaters.

Since its release in February last year, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular mobile battle royale games in the world. Unfortunately, behind this success there are various social problems that have been accused of being caused by PUBG Mobile to the cheater problem that has never been resolved.

The journey to eradicate cheater is not a work that can be completed in a short time, in addition to the role of the developer in presenting a security system and severe penalties for those who violate it, it is also important to raise awareness from the game community itself so as not to be tempted to try cheats that can damage their favorite game.

PUBG Mobile invites you to not hesitate to report indications of fraud that you find while playing through the in-game report system. What do you think, friend Esports, do you agree that cheating eradication will never be completed if there is no awareness from the community itself?

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