PUBG Game Creator Reveals New Project 'Prologue'

Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene, creator of the phenomenal game battle genre PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), shows a teaser for the new game project at The Game Awards. However, one thing is for sure, this game is not a sequel to PUBG, nor does it have a shooter genre. Greene also revealed that he has far greater ambitions with this project.

Greene did leave PUBG earlier this year to form PlayerUnknown’s Production, although his new team is still part of PUBG Corp. Together with his new members consisting of various veterans of the game to researchers outside the industry, including nuclear physicists, to a doctorate in management and artificial intelligence (AI).

Unfortunately, in the initial 30 second teaser video, it’s still not certain whether Prologue will carry what style of play. Although, visually, this latest game seems to have very realistic graphics. In addition, Greene also explained the long-term ambitions of PlayerUnknown’s Production who want to build and test new technology for something big.

“This is the first step of my adventure,” Greene said. “We build studios, set goals to experiment with new technology.” Prologue is the beginning of a new world, and Greene wants to use it to convey something new to the whole world.

Greene expressed his hope to be able to create something that has a very large scale, exemplifying the reach of hundreds of kilometers and accommodating thousands of people (players) in it directly.

However, the dream of Greene that he wanted to achieve was still too big and he was unable to get it right now. It needs support from new technology so that what he dreams of can be realized perfectly.

Although we have to wait a little longer to find out what Greene is trying to present through the Prologue project, it seems that this game will be worth the wait. What do you think about this new project?

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