Types of Dangerous Injuries in Esports Athletes

It feels outdated to debate whether esports is a sport or not. Many studies have proven that this activity has a workload that is as heavy as an athlete.

Not that esports players are easier. In fact, this activity has its own risks such as injuries and mental fatigue that can whack athletes at a young age.

In contrast to soccer or basketball players who can stay fit and spirit to touch their 30s, esports athletes tend to be “drained” physically and mentally in their teens. Health researchers say many pro gamers are ignoring the importance of regular exercise. In fact, regular exercise not only takes care of their health but improves performance more optimally.

According to Dr. Thore-Björn Haag, chair of esports therapy from the Theresie Orthopedic Center, esports athletes must integrate physical exercise such as sports into game training routines. Better yet, the exercise includes strengthening coordination between players, mental endurance and stamina building.

As for the mandatory things that should be applied by the esports team to their athletes, from warming up, resting enough to be interrupted by training and proper sleep time.

Esports Athlete Injury

In conditions of training and competition, esports athletes spend a lot of time sitting. This repetitive motion causes stiffness in the back and other body parts such as the hands, elbows, neck and of course the back. The injury is haunting many athletes, especially those who practice timeless and lack of exercise. Here are the esports injuries that you should watch out for:

Carpal Tunnel (Carpal Tunnel) Syndrome

Injury suffered in the thumb area, index to the middle finger. Usually feels painful, tingling and numbness caused by tense nerves.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (Cubital tunnel)

This injury attacks the pinky and ring finger area. These nerves are connected to the elbows and neck. The biggest cause of this injury is the pressure from the person’s armrest. It could also be due to bending elbows too often, just like the position of the PC game player. The sensation of this injury is pain in the ring finger and pinkie.

Sciatica Syndrome

This injury is also called the main nerve pain in the hips to the back of the foot.

Thumbs up “Gamers”

The term injury that occurs in the thumb area due to the use of the controller. This can also overshadow the esports athlete in mobile games.

“Mouse” Elbow / Shoulder

This injury is caused by using the PC too often or operating it in an uncomfortable position for a long time. Hand gestures that hold the mouse over time can cause swelling in the tendon or tendon area. These injuries attack more people who work with computers compared to athletes who rely on the elbows such as tennis or badminton players.

Medial Epicondylitis

Pain in the elbow or inner leg caused by the frequency of bending. This makes the veins become inflamed or inflamed if done continuously without adequate rest.

Another danger looming over esports athletes or hardcore gamers is stiff back and neck, dry eyes and sometimes dizziness from staring at the screen for too long.

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