Microsoft Umumkan Game Mobile Minecraft: Earth!

In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, Minecraft announced that a mobile game called Minecraft: Earth will be released soon! The mobile game uses augmented reality in the real world.

The game will allow many players to build building structures using Minecraft’s iconic blocks and place them permanently throughout the world using augmented reality technology. Players can also collaborate and carry out various adventures provided by Minecraft: Earth, you can also interact with reliable enemies and creatures in Minecraft itself or with your friends.

In this game, you have to collect resources to build a building structure, but in this mobile game by using “Tappables” that you can find around maps. So you have to build beams on a basic “plate” on a flat surface.

The game Minecraft: Earth has been in beta testing phase for months on the Android and Apple iOS platforms, and Microsoft will release its “early accesses” in various countries starting next month. This game is expected to be officially launched to coincide with the 2019 MiNECON Live event.

Minecraft has recently reached its milestone by selling 176 million copies sold worldwide, and many predict that the number will continue to surge even more when the mobile game Minecraft: Earth is released. Are you interested in playing this game?

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