Steam Breaks Record of Number of Active Users in 2020

Since it first appeared as a software client in 2003, it appears that there were a lot of challenges that Valve had faced before it began to develop the Steam platform to what it is today. It also seems to make its prestige as a digital game store is still not enough to fade, especially in 2020.

Incidentally on Sunday night yesterday, Steamdb has just proven this. Where they have found that the number of levels of active users simultaneously from the platform “one million people” for PC gamers can still go up to the highest number.

With the success of embracing the number 18,801,944, Steam itself managed to break a new record of the number of 18,537,490 that had been inscribed in early 2018 then. The amount of increase is indeed not so significant. Especially with the difference in the highest number of users who were currently in the game (only numbering 5,956,968 players only).

However, in the process of collecting separate data (reported by road to VR), the amount of the increase also seems to be interspersed with an increase in the number of connoisseurs of VR Games at the end of 2019 yesterday.

So from there, another assumption arises which states that when the entire franchise game Half-Life is free for the sake of welcoming the presence of his new series entitled Half-Life: Alyx as one of the factors increasing the level of activity level of users on the Steam platform. Especially in making a lot of gamers to at least want to glance and be constantly online there.

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