Ninja Theory Is Developing Games for Mental Health?

We know that Ninja Theory is the developer of one of the most successful indie games Hellblade. After Ninja Theory was acquired by Microsoft, it turns out they are working together to create a game that can make you fight mental health.

After some time ago they announced the gameplay of Bleeding Edge which they exhibited through their YouTube account, they returned to announce the new project The Insight Project. A game that can help people strengthen their health. Indeed not much was informed about their latest project. Except about how this project works that will use biometric data that is directly related to the body and mind. With this system, players can overcome anxiety, emotional and fear.

Maybe this is proof that games can also be made with positive goals and can help people, not just entertaining. Where the game is often a scapegoat for a case. Recently addicted to the game will also be categorized as a disease, but due to lack of evidence does not happen. With this project, the community’s stigma of the game will change. We will see later.

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