New Games Nioh 2 Playstation 4

Since the success of Dark Souls in the gaming industry which is indeed a high level of difficulty as one of the main attractions, there are many other products that try to offer the same formula. Interestingly? Instead of just imitating, each of them has a unique identity and mechanics that grows into a strong identity, as Koei Tecmo has achieved with Nioh. The loot system is as crazy as Diablo and the Stance system for a variety of different attack effects reinforced by the story of the Japanese feudal period combined with mythology makes many gamers fall in love. At least it was successful enough to ensure the existence of the second series.

Since it was introduced some time ago, Koei Tecmo has indeed shared a lot of information related to Nioh 2. From its story position as a prequel to a variety of new gameplay systems that now also allow you to integrate the strength of monsters – Yokai as part of your character’s identity. You can change into Yokai itself or absorb and use their special abilities. The good news? After a long wait, Nioh 2 finally shared information about the exact release date.

Nioh 2 itself is planned to be released on March 13, 2020 for Playstation 4. The open beta period will also be held from November 1 to November 10 2019 as a free download from the Playstation Store, without terms and conditions apply. How about you? How many of you are waiting for Nioh 2?

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