Football Legendary Ronaldinho Forms eSports Team

The football fans who had enjoyed an era where Lionel Messi still wasn’t as bright as it is now certainly quite familiar with the actions of players who have really become legends for the Barcelona club and the Brazilian national team. Namely Ronaldo de Assis Moreira aka Ronaldinho, after the official hanging of shoes in 2018 yesterday, he apparently harbored an interest in contributing to the culture of playing video games, especially through the world of eSports.

The evolution of eSports into a commodity that is no less glamorous to the original sport seems to make this 39-year-old man not just want to miss the opportunity. Through a form of cooperation with a gamepad provider company called SCUF, Ronaldinho is reportedly being serious about forming an eSports team that carries his flag.

Quoted from PCGamesN, both Ronaldinho and SCUF both want to spread inspiration for young people who want to wrestle the world of playing games competitively. Through the name of the R10 eSports club, he is currently reportedly busy looking for potential eSports talents in Brazil.

Although it is still not known exactly what game division Ronaldinho wants to focus on there, it is strongly indicated that it will not stray far from his sports career which clearly refers to the existence of PES and FIFA games.

Ronaldinho himself is not the only footballer who started working in the world of eSports. Previously there were Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs, two Arsenal players Mesut Ozil and Bernd Leno, until the Dutch national team legend Ruud Gullit who both already have their personal eSports teams.

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