Call of Duty: Mobile Add Halloween Event Update

Call of Duty: Mobile, is one of the most demanding games right now. After being released globally through Garena, this game is increasingly popular with many modes, cool graphics, and the gameplay that it provides, so it’s not surprising that this game has become more popular since the beginning of its release. and aware of this, game developers also continue to improve the quality of the game and provide the best for the players such as releasing interesting events. For example, the Halloween event which is currently being held at Call of duty: Mobile.

Where during the event took place, players were not only given various background music changes, Halloween Map themes, but also changes in weapons, items, and skills they had in the game. “Standoff” map which is a city map that can be accessed when doing multiplayer mode will get a change of theme like a haunted city with various decorations – halloween decorations. Cool again, there will be a variety of new modes that can be played, namely “Hard Point” and “Sniper Only”.

In addition, there will be a new skill operator with the name “Sparrow” which when used, will create a huge explosion in the enemy or object you choose. During the event, players can log in to get a variety of new items that can be used in the match. So what are you waiting for? Immediately download, and play this one game!

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