Cecilion, Carmilla's Deathly Duet Coming Soon at MLBB!

On January 17 yesterday, the Mobile Legends regular server has just released Carmilla, a hero support that has the ability to crowd control annoying to the ultimate skill to finish off enemies easily during teamfight.

Even though it already looks quite over power (OP), it turns out that you can enjoy the maximum capabilities of Carmilla when your partner, Cecilion is released on the Mobile Legends regular server. What is Cecilion’s ability, let’s see it with Maniac Esport!

Starting from his passivity, the Overflowing Skill will increase the max mana from Cecilion every time he succeeds in skilling an enemy hero. Meanwhile, the damage skill will also scale from the max which Cecilion has, making this passive extremely deadly in late games.

Bat Impact, Cecilion’s first skill will deal 175 magic damage (+ 70% Total Magic Power) + (3% of his Max Mana) in the path of his attack. Interestingly, you can repeatedly use this first skill for six seconds, but with a note that the usage will increase 2.5x each time it is cast.

Sanguine Claws, this second skill has a crowd control area effect that is perfect for opening teamfights or disrupting enemy positioning. In addition to dealing 200 magic damage (+ 45% Total Magic Power) + 1.2% of its max, the enemy will also be attracted to the middle of the area and give an immobilize effect for 1 second, as well as increase Cecilion’s movement speed.

You will find a resemblance of the ultimate skill Cecilion, Bats Feast with Jawhead that is equally issued a barrage of attacks to the enemies around him. When activating it, Cecilion gets additional movement speed and immunity to slow debuffs, and restores HP every time it hits the target.

Apart from Cecilion’s extremely annoying skills, this hero will produce even greater damage as the game progresses, similar to Alodus. The ability lies in his passivity which makes each time Cecilion manages to attack the enemy using a skill, where his max will increase, impacting the damage it produces.

You can set builds to increase max mana to magic damage so Cecilion can kill enemies with only the second and first combo skills.

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