Build Hero Chang'e, Super Lively Mage GG

The presence of a mage in the composition of the hero of a team has an important role to fill the task as one of the main attackers. Unlike the marksman who usually focuses on physical attacks, mages have magic damage output, thus presenting a variety of attacks and strategies to deal with enemy heroes.

This time, we will specifically discuss the hero mage Chang’e that is quite popular lately both during ranked matches or in large-scale Mobile Legends tournaments. What would make Chang’e chosen to fill the role mage in a team?

Chang’e’s skills, ranging from passive Trouble Maker, to his ultimate, Meteor Shower seem to synergize with each other. The order of skill use and the selection of the right build items can make this hero easily finish off any hero, even a class of tanks in one combo.

Chang’e’s biggest buff is in his second skill, Crescent Moon, which adds not only a very significant amount of magic power, but also movement speed, basic and attack skills. Crescent Moon will also deal additional damage every time Chang’e does a basic attack, so make sure you always spam this skill when the cooldown is over.

Meteor Shower, Chang’e’s ultimate skill will be very scary if you know the right moment to use it. Slow down enemy movement with Starmoon Shockwave in advance to be able to maximize damage and make it easier for you to direct this attack. In order, Crescent Moon was first followed by a Shockwave Starmoon to activate its passivity, then Trouble Maker before finishing off the enemy with a Meteor Shower.

The selection of the right items also plays an important role in making Chang’e maximize the output of his magic damage. Because you must position yourself behind the tank, Chang’e is a hero who is quite easy to escape, so defense items may not be needed and can focus on items increasing magic power such as Glowing Wand, Ice Queen Wand, Holy Crystal, and Divine Glaive.

In addition to the above items, Fleeting Time is one of the mandatory items Chang’e must buy when entering mid game. Its main function is to reduce the cooldown of the ultimate skill when the hero manages to get an assist or kill for an enemy hero. This is the main key so Chang’e can spam Meteor Shower quickly.

Not only strong in teamfight, Chang’e can also independently perform solo lane if forced to. The combination of skills that can provide a slow effect and increased movement speed makes this hero can safely do solo push without having to fear capturing the enemy. In addition, the basic basic attack also makes it no less fast with marksman to tear down the tower.

Overall, Chang’e is indeed a hero that is quite easy to control but can also produce very large magic damage output. Especially for the ultimate skill that has a great distance, making Chang’e can easily position themselves behind the tank while slowly taking out his enemies during teamfight.

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