Many Enthusiasts, TFT Counts Esports in 2020!

2019 became the culmination of the development of the game with autobattler mode. Pioneered by Dota Auto Chess, this genre was directly adapted by several developers who later developed according to their respective games.

One of them is Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, which released its own autobattler version, named TeamFight Tactics, in June 2019. The TFT journey as an additional mode in League of Legends immediately received a positive response, so it’s not surprising that Riot immediately finalized the concept of esports for TFT, starting in 2020.

Reporting from the Nexus League of Legends blog, Richard Henkel as the product lead from TFT said that the demand for competitive concepts is huge. Evidenced by the comparison of players in ranked and normal games which reached 4: 1, and often this game is played in competitive regions like Korea.

The existence of this concept of esports, according to Richard, is to facilitate players who have dedicated themselves to be the best in the world. To support it, Richard also showed a graphic that showed how often the TFT mode was played compared to other modes in League of Legends.

Based on these graphs, TFT did not reach numbers like the All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode (ARURF). However, TFT showed an increase and consistency in the first few weeks, different from ARURF which has decreased dramatically since it was released.

Teamfight Tactis also recorded high numbers for play time, which reached 1.7 billion hours since its release, and 720 million hours of play over the past three months. As many as 33 million players have played every month and thanks to this mode, League of Legends has managed to increase by 30% to the top of concurrent players.

Many questions arise about how the system and regulations will be applied by Riot for this TFT competition. Will it only include existing LOL organizations to participate in the 2020 season? Could it be formed in the league system too? Can the LOL pro player currently participate in the TFT competition?

While we wait for the latest official news about the TFT competition next year, the closest Teamfight Tactics event to be held by Riot is at the All-Star Event in December. A total of 64 participants will participate in this tournament, and it is likely that Riot will also provide new information about the development of TFT on the occasion.

Are you one of the loyal players of Teamfight Tactics?

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