Customization Features that Will Present at LOL Wild Rift

The Wild Rift League of Legends (LOL Wild Rift) game is connected to gamers with the PC version of LOL. But at the announcement of LOL Wild Rift, it was revealed that it would not be exactly the same later.

As announced during the introduction of the game via video on the Youtube Riot Games Channel, Michael Chow as EP League of Legends Wild Rift revealed that this game is not ported from LOL PC. Therefore, there will be some differences that will be felt by gamers when playing LOL mobile games compared to PC version LOL.

First is the customized folder size. Later, the match folder is not exactly the same size as LOL on the PC. This makes the intensity of roaming between lanes even faster. It is not impossible if later teleport will be less impactful.

In addition, there will be some champion skills that have been adjusted, and possibly even will change. Don’t forget, not all champions in LOL PC will attend.

For neutral monsters, jungle camp will probably still be the same, and of course there will be a dragon or drake and the mighty Baron Nashor. But for dragon or drake and also Baron Nashor, the buff that is obtained will experience adjustments, not completely the same as in LOL PC. For clear minions, there will be adjustments in terms of fewer minions. In addition, minions will also be finished faster.

The level to unlock the ultimate skills of each champion will also be adjusted. If on LOL PC every champion can unlock ultimate at level 6, then in this game later it can be opened at level 5.

For control, as a mobile game, analog touch screen system will be adopted. We must move the champion and also issue the skill until the item is active with the controller on the screen.

Finally, of course, as a mobile game, it won’t take much time to play one game compared to LOL PC. The estimated duration of play is only 15 to 20 minutes.

That’s the various adjustments that will be present at LOL Wild Rift. Although not exactly the same as LOL PC, of ​​course for gamers who have played LOL will not find any significant obstacles in the game, except adjustments to play that are usually on PC to mobile.

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