Will Valve Change Format of Pro Circuit Next Season?

Valve seems to realize that the DOTA 2 community is slowly being eroded. As many reported, the number of their players has dropped dramatically from one million in September 2016, until slowly touching the number 385,000 players. This is the lowest record player they have achieved since six years ago.

In fact, the highest number of players online simultaneously stuck in the range of 627,790 and never more. As for several factors that made Valve lost his players, including the Pro Circuit tournament format that did not give everyone the opportunity.

Therefore, Valve plans to overhaul the tournament system to revive the spirit of competition and hopefully, more players will return to playing actively.

What are Valve’s change plans for DPC?

Although there has been no official announcement, it is reported that Valve will eliminate the Minor number and make the Major into three parts. That is, this is not much different from the Major system was first introduced. Valve will make a kind of regional league as a substitute for minor and prerequisite for playing in the Major.

This format allows players to avoid short careers due to fatigue that travels too often across continents. The number of players running out of energy at the end of the season and taking too long breaks makes DOTA 2 lose many of its popular figures. Take for example the IT champion Ceb, JerAx, Ana who retired from the competition even though people saw their performance again at the peak of performance.

Regional competitions are also intended to revive tier 2 teams to be able to compete with tier 1 teams in their regions because there is a relegation and promotion system such as the soccer standings. With the Valve tournament which becomes a reference for minimum activities every week, this will revive the spirit of players and teams that previously had difficulty surviving due to suspended animation competition.

Valve knows, to keep the DOTA 2 community from running out, it is not enough just to have new heroes, seasonal features let alone updates that sometimes make people lazy to adapt.

However, Valve’s main advantage has always been the reverberation of The International tournament. The pinnacle of achievement that many DOTA 2 players want to achieve is, unfortunately, too difficult to achieve.

Of course there are rising pubs players who find their way to set foot in global events such as Miracle-, MidOne, Topson. But how many players have failed many times and had to end their Dota career?

The frustration that became the main cause of this MOBA was abandoned, because DOTA 2, which used to be a symbol of hope, could make a living from playing games, in fact like looking for a needle over a sea of ​​straw.

Valve tried to fix the flaws in the previous DPC system by protecting players and tier 2 teams through the regional league format so that people want to play once more and have dreams of becoming professional athletes.

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