What You Need to Know About Dota 2 Regional League!

In order to keep the DOTA 2 competition alive, Valve made a revolutionary step by making a total change after The International 2020. It is hoped that this change could develop the tier two and three teams in DOTA 2.

Valve officially introduces a regional league with a quota of 16 participants from each region and a total of 96 teams throughout the world. Not only that, this change makes fewer major tournaments and the loss of all minor tournaments. I wonder what has changed with this new format?

Regional League

This DOTA 2 regional league will compete for prizes totaling USD 280 thousand. In addition, there are 1150 DPC points that will be distributed to the top 5 teams in each region. The sixteen teams were divided into two divisions namely top and bottom. After the league round, the bottom 2 teams from the top division will be eliminated and replaced by the top 2 teams from the lower bracket. While the 2 lowest teams in the lower division are also eliminated and replaced with 2 teams from open qualifications.

Lasted for 6 weeks, all matches use the best of three format and round robin, making all teams will see each other. Each region will compete 3 times a week.

For the division of the SEA region will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, starting every 18:00 WIB. While the division under the SEA region will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 WIB. For Sunday’s match the lower division will start at 18.00 WIB.

Major Tournament

There were only 3 major tournaments before The International 2021. Each major tournament won a total prize of USD 500 thousand and 2700 DPC points. Among the 6 regions, the number of slot distribution has also been confirmed. Europe and China have four teams. While the North American and Southeast Asian regions received 3 teams. Finally, the CIS and South America regions can only send 2 teams.

There are 3 stages in this major tournament. First is the wildcard round which is participated by 6 teams consisting of 2 teams from the European and Chinese regions and 1 team from the regions of the North American and Southeast Asian regions. Using a round robin system and best of two matches, only 2 teams have the right to qualify for the next round.

The next round was a group round that brought together 8 teams consisting of second from 6 regions and 2 teams from the wildcard round. Just like wildcards, all teams will meet each other and also use the best of two system.

First and second place in the group stage will fight with the 6 first ranked teams from each region in the playoffs. While ranks 3 to 6 in the group stage will fight from the lower bracket.

The International 2021

There are only 12 teams with the most DPC points that qualify for TI11. While the remaining 6 teams will be contested from the final qualifications of the 6 regions. A total of 8 teams will fight in order to qualify to play IT events.

One thing that distinguishes it from previous IT editions is that there are no open qualifications. Of course, this forces all teams to fight to qualify for TI11 since the start of the season. Valve certainly saw from DPC’s experience this year that various big teams decided to skip the tournament.

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