Team Nigma Successfully Becomes a WePlay Champion! Mad Moon

The nickname of the lower bracket champion deserves to be pinned on Nigma. They have recently become successful WePlay champions! Mad Moon after a comeback from Team Secret with a score of 3-2. Although not a DOTA Pro Circuit tournament, Nigma took home a prize of US $ 130 thousand

Nigma started the group stage well after beating Ninjas in Pajamas by a score of 2-0. Submitting against Virtus Pro, KuroKy and his friends won second place in the group after the victory of Agressive Mode.

Excellent from B8 in the playoffs, Nigma dropped to the lower bracket after acknowledging the greatness of Team Secret. The nickname of the lower bracket king is indeed worthy of being pinned to Nigma. In a row, they succeeded in defeating Aggressive Mode, Gambit Esports, and Virtus Pro which made them return to meet Team Secret during the grand final.

Relying on combos Io and Sven, Nigma managed to excel at the beginning of the game. Team Secret began to show its fangs after successfully getting 4 kills in 28 minutes. Unstoppable, Puppey and his friends successfully took the first game in minute 37.

Nigma again took Io in the second game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop Team Secret with the presence of Batrider from Nisha who played very well in this game. Nisha successfully won 13 kills and 17 assists which made Team Secret just need one game to be a champion.

For the third time, Io was again taken by Nigma. Combining Beastmaster and Leshrac, known as pusher heroes, they successfully dominated the game. Triple kill from w33 who took Outworld Devourer made Nigma successfully reduce the lag.

Left behind kill, Nigma managed to excel in terms of networth early in the fourth game. The presence of Lifestealer and Razor successfully made Team Secret not move. The fourth game is completed in minute 26.

The fifth game is Nigma’s proof of Team Secret. Kuroky and his friends played dominant from the start and successfully closed the fifth game in minute 26. These results made WePlay! Mad Moon became Nigma’s second trophy after winning the tournament from WePlay! Namely Bukovel Minor 2020.

Although Nigma failed to advance to the third major and minor DOTA Pro Circuit tournament, this achievement would certainly be a motivation for them for the next DPC tournament. Meanwhile, Team Secret will face ESL One Los Angeles 2020 on March 15.

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