Team Secret Successfully Wins Leipzig Major 2020

The ultimate match of Leipzig Major brings together the two best DOTA 2 teams in the world, Secret and Evil Geniuses, to reach the conclusion.

The best of five format was played until the last minute and Captain Puppey successfully commanded his troops to be the best. The match score ended this morning ended 3-2 for Team Secret.

Evil Geniuses stole the win in the first match thanks to Abed’s explosive performance. Pocketing a networth of 30k more gold, Abed had bought two important items Blink Dagger and Desolator in just 17 minutes. EG finished the inaugural match with a landslide score of 26-7.

The second match, Secret started to get up with Meepo’s surprise pick at the last moment. EG who did not expect minimal antidote to defeat the annoying hero. Nisha even posted a rampage as proof of the intelligent Puppey draft in the second match. This time, Secret leads the kill score 30-11.

The third game EG gameplay changed again, one of their best heroes Storm Spirit and Naga Siren finally able to perform. Although initially EG was able to excel, slowly the game Secret rose. It only took half an hour for Secret to bring down the EG headquarters with encouragement from Leshrac and Morphling. Puppey concocted an excellent draft to complicate the hero of EG. Like Ramzes and Cr1t who became prisoners in this game because of the difficulty surviving in the lane.

The same position makes the DreamLeague 13 final must be determined until the fifth game. EG entrusts Drow Strat as the right way to win, while Secret chooses the strongest late game hero of the moment, Phantom Lancer.

Unfortunately, the EG line up is too one-dimensional centered on push to make Secret able to maneuver their weaknesses. The EG formation is too fragile to make them worry about colliding directly. Arteezy was forced to play too safe, the threat posed by Secret made the farm drag.

Secret managed to close the last fight with a score of 26-11. Bringing home $ 300,000 and 4,850 circuit points guarantees that Secret will pass through TI10.

Congratulations Team Secret! Good resistance against Evil Geniuses.

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