Quincy Crew Officially Acquired by Chaos Esports Club

Quincy Crew is a North American esports team that consists of veteran players, such as MSS, Yawar, and SVG, CCNC. They are well-known figures in the North American Dota community.

It was recently heard that a newcomer organization, the Chaos Esports Club had acquired the team that Sumail had left behind, Quincy Crew.

Chaos Esports Club has recently parted ways with their last player, Misery, before the four Chaos players also left one by one after The International 2019. The Chaos Esports Club returned early by dropping in the group stages. The performance is not wearing it makes the whole team of Chaos Esports Club decided to split.

But now the Chaos Esports Club has taken quick steps after a few days apart from its old roster, now Chaos is acquiring a team from North America that is quite potential. Quincy Crew, which previously consisted of Yawar, SVG, MSS, CCNC, and Sumail, now the team has separated from the prodigy who won the International at the age of 15 namely SumaiL. Then now the team is attracting players from the Czech Republic, Saberlight to replace Sumail.

Step Chaos Esports Club acquired Quincy Crew is a brilliant move. Because the potential possessed by the Quincy Crew is very good. They are one of the strongest challengers to Evil Geniuses in North America. Quincy Crew opportunity to qualify in every major tournament qualifications is also wide open.

Evil Geniuses is the only big wall that is hampering the chances of teams in North America to qualify for the DPC tournament to be narrower. In addition to Evil Geniuses, maybe other North American challenger teams, such as the team from EternalEnvy, Fighting Pandas, then also J.Storm spelled out 2 teams that are ready to challenge Evil Geniuses in the North American scene besides Quincy Crew.

Now the Quincy Crew or what we can now call the Chaos Esports Club will first compete under the name of the new organization at the DPC Minor tournament, Dota 2 Summit 11 on November 7-10.

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