JerAx Retirement, What is the Fate of OG Team?

Farewell whacked back to the OG Team. The two-time winner of The International DOTA 2 was left behind by their important pillar, Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka. Through OG’s Twitter account, they announced that JerAx had decided to retire from the professional DOTA 2 competition.

The reason for the player he poured through a long outpouring attached to the post. In essence, JerAx lost motivation to play competitive and his struggle to play professionally made him tired.

Even so, he is still a part of OG management. JerAx has defended OG since August 2016 and ended his career in January 2020. Passing the ups and downs with Notail and Ceb made JerAx a loved and irreplaceable figure.

JerAx has won prestigious Major tournaments such as Kiev and Boston Major, with Liquid he also carried the EPICENTER trophy and of course the most valuable treasure, the two Aegis of Champion trophies. Currently, JerAx is listed as the second richest gamer in the world with a total income of $ 6,470,000.

Unfortunately, JerAx is not the only player missing from OG. Previously, Ana decided to increase the duration of her rest until the next competition season. That is, we might not see Ana returning for TI10.

JerAx himself once expressed his concern that OG will not play with the same roster for TI 2020. So, who are the players who will OG betel nut? They have to move fast because the qualifications for ESL One Los Angeles are coming in front of their eyes.

What is certain is that the departure of the master Earth Spirit left unforgettable memories in the minds of DOTA 2 fans. Good Game Well Played, JerAx!

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