The OG Team Began to Explore the CS:GO Division

Known as the defending champion of The International 2018 & 2019, OG intends to explore new esports branches other than DOTA 2. The potential title they want to work on is CS: GO.

The initial initiation step they have taken with the approach to Nathan “NBK” Schmitt, Aleksib “Aleksib” Virolainen, Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså, Issa “ISSAA” Murad and Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen. According to a source of, a French online media said that OG intends to bring these players into account, given their status that is now defeated.

For the past month, NBK, Aleksib and ISSAA have not been chosen by Vitality, ENCE and HellRaisers in the CS: GO competition. OG who is known to like to carry heroic stories seems to want to give them a chance to prove themselves. OG claims to have slots to play on BLAST and ESL Pro Tour next season.

But negotiations aren’t that easy, reportedly, OG’s transfer fees that OG offers don’t meet the amount desired by Vitality and ENCE. In fact, OG does not give up half the price pairs of the two teams. Even more complicated, OG will also reduce the salaries of players in the future if Vitality and ENCE never agree with the transfer that OG proposes.

CS: GO competition scenes always consistently survive in Europe and America, not long ago, the number of legendary FPS title players was able to surpass the total DOTA 2 and CS: GO players. In addition to OG, other teams are reportedly planning to burn money to dive into CS: GO competition. Not long ago, their DOTA 2 rival CS: GO, Evil Geniuses had debuted and immediately won the ESL title.

100 Thieves and Dignitis are planning a strong team in the near future, Misfits is monitoring players to be tempted and even CompLexity has prepared large funds to launch their dream player transfer process.

Can OG transmit their successful DOTA 2 to CS: GO branches?

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