Intel Extreme Masters Retracts 'Absurd' Regulations

Intel Extreme Masters has withdrawn rules on the prohibition of ‘in-game suicide’ at the CS: GO tournament event when receiving a lot of criticism from skilled players.

First introduced on Gregorian calendar month four, 2019, the regulation reads “Every player is prohibited from advisedly playing actions that kill his own character, this includes the employment of / kill command or victimization options from the map to avoid giving kills to opponents like jumping dead within the giddiness folder.”

While presently the professional players are still permissible to commit “in-game suicide” within the IEM tournament, the Intel Extreme Masters aforementioned that they’re going to seek advice from the Counter-Strike skilled Players’ Association to search out the simplest answer for the players and therefore the audience.

This rule is taken into account absrud by professional players as a result of it’s considered to violate them to commit ‘tactical suicide’, which may cut back opponents to induce an economic bonus. for instance, if a player is killed by SMG, the fragger can get an extra bonus of $ 600 for every kill.

However, if the player dies because of self, the enemy can solely get around $ three hundred, that is that the lowest quantity for the bonus. This regulation was created by IEM because of input from the audience and community throughout the German ESL National Championship tournament.

The funny issue is, the rules created by the IEM don’t embody a prohibition on the employment of Molotov Grenades to kill deliberately, despite the fact that this is often conjointly a motive that’s often done by professional players to forestall giving bonuses to enemy groups.

Related to this drawback, we have a tendency to should look ahead to the results of the IEM discussion with the Counter-Strike skilled Players’ Association. What does one suppose, does one conjointly typically try this in-game suicide techniques once playing?

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